“My life has changed and I’m in a better place overall to help my family and career.”

Evan Polk was enrolled in undergraduate studies at an out-of-state university but was forced to drop out in order to assist his mother with her medical needs. Once he returned home, to Washington, DC, he found employment in the fast food industry. However, Evan desired a career that would fulfill him.

Evan had never worked in the IT field but knew that’s where he wanted to be. With a little help from social media and a lot of prayer, Evan’s mom was able to connect him to our YouthTech IT Training program. According to Evan, “my background was in Science and Technology and I was pursuing studies in Cyber Security so this was a perfect fit.”

Evan is a 2015 graduate of UPO’s YouthTech IT Help Desk program and works full time as a Tier Two Service Desk Analyst with World Bank! In this role, he provides IT customer support to users all over the world!

The training program set Evan up with an internship at the University of Maryland University College, to gain hands-on experience. The IT training program taught him new skills and offered a fresh perspective on his future! Evan enjoyed the work so much he had already secured employment with the World Bank before his internship ended!!

“I now see my future in Networking instead of Cyber Security because of the multiple opportunities for growth.”

Evan has started a new career and is moving to self-sufficiency! His eagerness to learn, determination to grow, and ambition to succeed are cheered on by his UPO family! #HeIsUPO! #MoveToEmployment