“If you have some time and you want to do something that makes you feel good, come to UPO! There’s so much that you can do!”

Myra Blackwell heard from friends and family that a local organization was doing good work in her Southeast, DC neighborhood. She decided to stop by one of UPO’s community service centers to ask how she could lend a hand. That was two years ago and she has been a proud UPO volunteer ever since!

“My heart is service.”

She was born with a heart to serve. It’s in her blood. She watched her grandmother and aunt take care of family members and friends over the years.

“I learned from my grandmother that life is about what you do for others.”

Now, Myra is the Volunteer Coordinator for our Grocery-Plus Program, a collaboration between UPO and The Capital Area Food Bank! In her role, she oversees the production and monthly distribution of approximately 100 boxes of prepared food items for seniors. When not managing this program, she routinely volunteers at our community events and welcomes everyone with a smile.

UPO is committed to helping the under-served residents of DC. Myra’s dedication to helping others, especially seniors, will continue to be met with support from her UPO family! #SheIsUPO #MoveToEmpowerment