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A safe, nurturing environment to learn and explore the world

Total # of Early Head Start & Head Start children, families and pregnant women served. 

Early Head Start*

Love and attention should never get a time-out
Our Early Head Start programs provide children under the age of 3 with a safe, nurturing environment to learn and explore the world around them. And we provide pregnant women and expectant families with the support, care, and sense of belonging needed to meet the demands and challenges of their new lives.
At our 13 Early Learning Centers  throughout DC, we ensure that each and every child is treated respectfully and fully encouraged in his or her journey, with full access to educational activities, health screenings, and nutritious meals.
Family members receive training and assistance in such areas as child rearing, job training, health and nutrition, and how to access free community resources.

Home Base

We even make house calls
If you can’t get your child to one of our nearby 12 Early Learning Centers, we’ve still got you covered.
Our Home Base program, available in both English and Spanish, provides the same services as Early Head Start  — but right in the comfort of your own home.
Home Base services also include weekly sessions to help get parents involved in their child’s learning, as well as ongoing training and support in health, nutrition, breastfeeding, school readiness, and how to access community resources.
For more information about Home Base, contact Yanet Hernandez  at yhernadez@upo.org or 202-238-4605.

Head Start

Meeting the growing needs of growing children

It’s not just the very youngest who need our time, love, and attention!
Our Head Start programs provide care and support to kids aged 3–5, offering a variety of educational activities, free medical and dental services, healthy meals and snacks, and the opportunity to play, learn, and grow in a warm, secure environment. We also engage and support children’s families, helping parents achieve their own academic and financial goals.
UPO provides Head Start services through partnerships with AppleTree Charter Schools and Educare DC.
For more information, contact Carmen Herrara at cherrara@upo.org or 202-238-4733.

Pregnant Women

Providing care from belly to cradle

A healthy pregnancy has a direct influence on the health and development of a child. That’s why we’re committed to providing continuous, comprehensive support and services to pregnant women and their families through a partnership with Healthy Babies Project, Inc.
All the women in our program are screened for depression both during and after pregnancy and offered training on such issues as fetal alcohol syndrome, breast feeding, labor/delivery, and dental hygiene. Other services help new parents become nurturing and responsive caregivers during infancy.
Each pregnant woman also receives visits two weeks after delivery to help with the transition from hospital to home to the appropriate continuing care.
For more information, contact Carmen Herrara at cherrara@upo.org or 202-238-4733.

Cradle to College


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*UPO’s OEL is a recognized leader and was selected to be a “hub” under the Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s (OSSE) Quality Improvement Network to support and train other early learning centers throughout DC in helping them to achieve program excellence.