UPO actively reaches out to the homeless in Washington, DC to help revitalize the circumstances of distressed families and individuals. Dedicated to providing necessary services to connect the local homeless with the assistance that they need to move forward, UPO provides help to the homeless through the following:

Shelter Plus Care

The Shelter Plus Care program provides case management and supportive services five days a week to homeless families recovering from substance abuse, who are faced with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and who are receiving rental assistance for permanent housing from the The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness.

Shelter Assistance

UPO provides shelter assistance that focuses on preventing homelessness and providing emergency assistance to single adults and families that have become homeless.

Shelter Hotline

The Shelter Hotline offers services seven days a week, including year-round transportation, outreach, and referral services with around-the-clock assistance in the winter months by way of emergency transportation and the provision of comfort items.

In the warmer months, the Shelter Hotline provides transportation to cooling stations when temperatures are excessively high.