CDClogoWhat is a Small Business?

Small businesses are normally privately owned partnerships, sole proprietorships, and corporations. A business is determined to be small or not by the number of employees (typically 15-50 or under 500) and may receive government support depending on the country and industry. Small businesses can also be classified according to other methods such as sales, assets, or net profits.

Small Businesses & UPO

We provide Washington, DC-based small businesses with the following services:

Economic Enterprise

UPO Community Development Corporation understands that it’s difficult to have the funds to do business. Through our economic programs, UPO Community Development Corporation will make loans to individuals and organizations that create low to moderate income housing and/or business development opportunities and employment for low income individuals.


Under Economic Enterprise UPO Community Development Corporation offers eligible individuals and/or businesses with start-up capital.

Business Expansion

UPO Community Development Corporation, in alignment with its economic enterprise goal, assists eligible small businesses and/or individuals in obtaining financial assistance for business expansion. UPO CDC will also offer assistance to eligible businesses that seek to implement business development projects that create or upgrade job wages for low income persons within a targeted area or community. UPO CDC is always seeking to identify eligible community-based businesses that are in need of implementing financing activities and/or projects.

Loan Products

Eligible individuals and businesses can obtain assistance with start up and business expansion capital under our current loan products:Micro- Loan Fund Revolving Loan Program

For additional information, visit the UPO CDC website.

For More Information

Visit the UPO Community Development Corporation website to learn how UPO can help you with your small business.