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UPO is celebrating our 60th anniversary on December 10, 2022!

Honoring over 60 years of opening doors of opportunity.
We empower District residents so they can thrive!

During “6 weeks to 60 years” of reflection, we created 6 videos that not only show how Team UPO has helped people with economic security, education, and wellness. We also honored people such as Anita White, our longest-serving employee, who joined UPO 48 years ago and helps children and teachers blossom every day.

As we celebrate and reflect on 60 years of milestones and accomplishments, we take great pride in helping the members of our shared community thrive in creating futures filled with promise, potential, and possibility.
UPO’s journey began on December 10, 1962. Come take a look through highlights and notable achievements from over the years.

James G. Banks, UPO’s first director, addresses a group. Photo by Northrup and courtesy of The Washington Post.

UPO is celebrating our 60th anniversary on December 10, 2022

<As the anticipation was building to UPO’s 60th anniversary, Team UPO made new videos to celebrate!

Here are Team UPO members who joined us to make a difference…and have enjoyed a career here. They inspire us every day!

Back row (left to right):

  • Cheryl Christmas (33 years)
  • Regina Brown (41 years)
  • Mark Koiwai (33 years)
  • Mary Brinkley (33 years)
  • President and CEO Andrea Thomas
  • Darlene Booker (46 years)
  • Regina Murphy (40 years)
  • CIO Daniel Ofori-Addo

Front row:

  • Anita White (48 years)
  • Shirley Price (31 years)
  • Jesus Lopez (34 years)

UPO will have a 60th Anniversary Gala in May 2023

details to come 

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