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What if there was a way to make families stronger that also made you stronger?

 We have a name for that miracle: strengths-based training.
And UPO not only has it, we’re certified to share it and spread this potent technique across the region.

Why is it powerful?

The beauty of strengths-based training is its design. You learn about yourself first, identifying and enhancing your strengths. Then, armed with that self-knowledge, you apply the strengths-based skills and core principles into practice while supporting families or showing leadership. That’s why case managers, early childhood educators, human service professionals, social workers, police officers, firefighters, and nurses are flocking to these courses. 
Families benefit from this support because it empowers them to value their native strengths and build on them; set goals and make progress toward achieving them; and not only see barriers but also find ways to overcome them. 
UPO has partnered with Temple University to give our staff four paths to growth: 
  • Strengths-based Family Worker (SFW) Credential 
  • Strengths-based Leadership Certificate 
  • SFW Instructor Certificate 
  • Learning Coach Certificate 
Gallup research shows there are vast benefits when employees can focus on their strengths every day: They are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs and over 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life. 
Another vast Gallup study (of 1.2 million employees across 22 organizations in 45 countries) proved the ROI of strengths-based training. 90% of the workgroups increased their performance in all of the measurements: higher customer engagement, higher employee engagement, lower turnover, higher sales, higher profits, and fewer safety incidents. 
The effectiveness of our newly-credentialed staff is clear and persuasive, and we look forward to offering this training to other people and organizations in the future. 

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