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United Planning Organization

5 Year Strategic Plan | 2019-2023 | Theme: Excellence

Strategic Goals FY 2019 – 2023

Offer Pathways to the Middle Class through Economic Security programming directed at family strengthening through asset enhancement opportunities

Strategy A.   Workforce Institute

Strategy B.   Advocacy and Community Building

Strategy C.    Early Learning Network

Strategy D.    Youth DivisionContinuum – ages 6 to 24

Strategy E.   Community Re-Investment Division

Strategy F.    CommunityHealth and Wellness Divisio

Create and Grow Social Enterprise Opportunities

a.  Green Capital

b.  Private Sector Partnerships

c. Child Care

d. Substance Mis-useDisorder Treatment

e. Transportation

Expand  portfolio of services offered Regionally
Develop and implement a coordinated marketing and development approach

a.   Identify multiple targeted audiences

b.   Aligntargeting with journey focal points

c.   Board led soliciting initiatives

d.  PopulateBoards with private supporters

Leverage government funding by 20%  with private sector support

a.  Foundation Appeal

b.  Fee-Based Services

c. Private sector contracting Related  Business

d. Income Approaches

Employ the Baldridge Management Practices of Continuous Improvement

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