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9:30AM – 3:00PM

2907 Martin Luther King JR. AVE, SE
Washington, DC 20032



  • Conducts the intake process in order to gather customer information on work history, educational background, experience and interests to assists customers with their job placement needs.
  • Develops a plan of success in coordination with client to help address employment potential barriers using a strength-based approach.
  • Coordinates with job developer and job trainer to help customers understand and overcome personal, social, or behavioral problems affecting their educational, vocational, and career goals
  • Ensures customer success by maintaining regular outreach with customer’s to monitor success and maintain employment.
  • Coordinates with community agencies needed to mediate customer barriers contingent to self-sufficiency (i.e., clothing, housing, vocational education etc.)
  • Facilitate conversations on budgeting, goal–setting and employment exit strategies.


  • UPO’s Workforce Development assist customers with become job-ready, through mock interviews, motivation, and defining career goals in a positive, welcoming atmosphere.
  • We provide intense pre-employment training, consist of presentation, interpersonal, self-assessment skills, collaboration, and resource management; these are the building blocks of your career.
  • We allow our customers to enhance their technology skills, by taking advantage of the use of our computer lab open to the public 9:30am to 4:00pm. Monday thru Friday
  • Our UPO instructors help you to categorize a portfolio composed of cover letters, resumes, references and a certificate of completion.
  • A carefully organized informative and visually appealing career portfolio makes a positive impression with potential employers.
  • Your Portfolio will be a memorable example of your potential for success when hired.
  • Let’s get you Hired, Workforce Development will help you create a professional-ready resume.
  • We help you customize your work experience to adjust your talents to fit the role you are applying for.
  • We make sure we highlight your accomplishments and make your resume visually appealing.
  • Personally meet with our job development team, they will inform you of jobs hiring now, assist with job search, email alerts, while searching for jobs with higher pay scales.
  • Now that you have a professional resume our job developers connect potential employees with employers who are seeking applicants with similar job skills education and experience.
  • Our referral services also include a trip to a dress for success boutique to help you shine during the interview process.
  • Referrals are a way to get your application priority consideration. When you maintain relationship with the UPO community it will create, new possibilities, opportunities and successful outcomes.


  • We work hard to get you to work — whether it’s showing you how to apply for jobs, dress and prepare for an interview, or act professionally and respectfully once you’ve landed a job.
  • Every Workforce Institute Placement Division customers have the following options; learn how to write a professional resume and cover letter, how to find a job that matches their interest and skills, and how to communicate effectively in the workplace. We even have relationships with local employers who call us looking for help!
  • And our retention services don’t end on your first day at the new job. We want to make sure you and your new employer are happy, so we will check in with you regularly, make sure you have access to transportation and child care, and help you get another job if the first one doesn’t work out.



  • The Workforce Institute Placement Division’s Retention Services are the wraparound for DC resident’s only, all-compassing services that are offered after a client has received gainful employment. Our main basis of retention are gift card incentives which are offered via specific employment benchmarks, while the additional services offered are such as Case Management & Job Placement Services, Alumni Mixers, and/or referrals to other UPO divisions for further wraparound services.
  • Gift Card Incentive(s): 30 day, 90 day, 6 months, and 12 months of employment

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